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Thread: Los Angeles Kings

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    I found these so far, all rookies and in Kings uniform

    Noah Clarke
    Tim Gleason
    Kip Brennan
    Mikkp Eloranta

    I will see what else I have from your list..Thanks eD

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    Thanks Ed - What would you like in Return - I will see what I have in Dalls Cowboys...

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    Either Cowboys, or if you have any Pittsburgh Penguins..Thanks Ed

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    Got it...Will have to look - I know I do not have current Penguins...I know I have older....

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    Cowboys would be good then, I have way too much of the older Pens, I also found a few more if you need them

    Kelly Buchberger
    Matthieu Schneider
    Daniel Berthiaume
    Trent Klatt
    Martin Straka
    Anson Carter
    Brent Sopel
    Oleg Tverdovsky
    Goerge Parros

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    I have 69/70 OPC Hughes, Rolfe, Wall and White
    70/71 OPC Byers, Cahan, Joyal, Labossiere, and Mickey
    71/72 Edwards, Lemieux, Marotte, McDonough and Widing

    They are mixed conditions so I am waiting to hear what the minimum is that you are seeking before I search my mid seventies cards. I would also like to hear if you have any hockey traders. Thanks

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    Piper1 - I would like to stay at a good condition card since this will be on display showing all the players who skated for the Kings....

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    I still have the Kings cards I found for you set aside..Thanks Ed

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    Looking to add to my collection this weekend...Let me know if you have anything

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