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    Harden auto, GUs, Numbered Rookies F/T

    New stuff For Trade!
    03 Rich Harden Pristine auto
    03 Juan Gonzalez Pristine Bomb Squad Jersey
    03 Manny Ramirez Pristine Borders Jersey
    02 Dave Winfield Sweet Spot bat

    03 Pristine uncirculated refractor Ryan Howard /1599 Phillies
    03 Pristine Uncirculated Refractor Robinson Cano /499 Yankees

    Looking for newer Reds. BV on Harden is 25. Thanks


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    I'd like the Harden....only Reds Autos I have are Dunn ($60 and $50), and a Brian Reith Auto/15. Could you add cash along with the Harden for one of them? I also have a Brandon Claussen Auto BV $15 but I'm not sure if he's in Cincy. Check my site as well. Thanks.

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    Please email me. I'm interested in Dunns. Need detail and such. I can't read this reply for some reason. Email thanks

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