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Thread: wtb/wttf ken dorsey

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    wtb/wttf ken dorsey

    hey everyone, i really need ken dorsey rc's, autos and gu. please lmk what you have and i know we can work some kind of deal out. i will buy if the price is right so please lmk, thanks.

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    Ken Dorsey Ultimate Collection Auto Rookie #93, Serial #143/250

    Feel free to make an offer in $$.

    Thanks, John

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    I will sell for $30 dlvd.
    LMK. Thanks, John

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    gosh, i would love to get that dorsey card but i just spent $25 today on a lot of cards. i dont have an extra $30 to spend on the dorsey but hopefully youll still have it around when i get some more cash. thanks for the reply though.

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    im not home right now but ill get back to you later. ill see if i have anything.

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