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    any one intereested in this card

    2001 pacific dynagon bret favre premiere date #/135
    lmk the bv is 30
    will trade for 20


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    will give ya $20 in manning inserts
    (1 cheaper rc included if ya need it)

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    dont realy want inserts looking for rc's i will take cheaper rc's i dont have

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    I like the card but all I have is his aurora rookie and his playoff prestige's rookie, plus a jersey from when he was in college: 2003 Fleer Platinum alma materials BV:20

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    you did not reply back on this card i was also interested in
    2003 ud pros and prospects auto rc EXCHANGE quentin griffin / savage
    LMk and i will list the manning i can offer you

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    for the griffin i would want a auto back cause that is a auto

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