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Thread: 03-04 Inserts for trade

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    03-04 Inserts for trade

    Here is what I have right now:

    Fleer Authentix Ticket Stub
    Vince Carter #2 of 15

    UD Standing O Die Cuts
    Vince Carter
    Gilbert Areanas
    Rashard Lewis
    Jerry Stackhouse
    Michael Jordan

    UD Standing O Nick Collison Embossed RC

    Topps #ed
    Damon Stoudamire 93/500

    Topps Love it Live
    Tracy McGrady #LL-TM
    Tim Duncan #LL-TD

    Flair Wave of the Future
    Carmelo Anthony #3 of 15

    Flair World Leaders
    Paul Pierce #1 of 20
    Alan Iverson #10 of 20

    Fleer Tradition Heads Up
    Stephen Jackson #4

    Fleer Tridition Playground Rules
    TJ Ford #8 of 20
    Dahntay Jones #20 of 20

    Also have the following 03-04 rc's:

    LeBron James
    Dwyane Wade
    Chris Kaman
    Mike Sweetney
    Nick Collison
    Reece Gaines
    Zarko Cabarkapa
    Dave West
    Boris Diaw-Riffiod
    Zoran Planinic
    Travis Outlaw
    Brian Cook
    Carlos Delfino
    Landrinho Barbosa
    Josh Howard

    UD Victory Rookie Orientation
    Dwyane Wade

    UD Standing O
    Theron Smith

    Fleer Tradition
    Troy Bell
    Luke Ridnour
    Brian Cook
    Ndudi Ebi
    Jason Kapono

    Would consider other inserts, 03-04 rc's, gu's or auto's in trade

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    i am interested in carmelo anthony wave of the future. check my website. i can pay cash also for it.

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    Do you know what it books for? I just got it yesterday and it is not in the beckett that I have.

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    add to the list...

    03-04 Fleer Focus Rasheed Wallace NBA Shirtified #9 of 25

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    I am new and not really sure about cc. Could you explain a little so I have a better understanding

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    u use cc... to buy cards friom other people... u can use it to buy cc auctions... u can get stuff from the cc soter.. .and u can make bets wit it... its fun to have... lmk

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    Not interested in the cc right now, but I will trade it for

    Topps TJ Ford
    Topps Kirk Hinrich

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