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Thread: Paying CardCash for...

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    Paying CardCash for...

    Any cards I need of Amos Zereoue, Avon Cobourne, Ken Dorsey, or Santana Moss.

    Also looking to buy Game Used and/or Auto's of Marc Bulger, Jerry Porter, and Anthony Becht with CardCash.

    Thanks & PLMK!

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    Mounty fan... i got a 2003 Pristine DOresy Untouched #ed refractor... lmk... i dont want 200 cc for it lol... lmk

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    Hey Man, PLMK what # the Dorsey is, then when I get ahold of a BV perhaps we can work form there. Thanks!

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    I've got a Santana Moss 2001 Fleer Authority #87/1350, graded: 9.0....

    not sure on BV, regular card is $8, I'm sure its more since its graded...

    give me an offer


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    One question... did the card come from the pack graded or was it sent in? Also what # is it from the set? Thanks & PLMK!

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    Mountyfan, way back about 2 years ago or something, target sold a box with 15 packs plus a graded card.....

    My friend was with me when I bought one and so did he.,.

    I got the santana moss and he got an arron brooks gu rc from the same set, authority.

    I think the company just sent a bunch of cards to beckett to be graded to be put into these packs.

    The card is #107

    here is a picture of the card, not the best pic, but it will work


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    I wouldnt worry about that man.. It is a regular card. I got a bunch of those when they were out and actually sold a few at very nice prices.


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    I'm interested in the #107, I looked up the book value to be $8. If I were to trade for this card, it'd have to be for $8 in BV, when I got it, I'd breka it out of the case anyways.... LMK if you wanna work out a deal.

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    How about:

    2003 Upper Deck MVP Talk of the Town #TT49 Clinton Portis BV$3


    1990 Action Packed Rookie Update #46 Shannon Sharpe RC BV$6


    I know it adds up to 9, but oh well



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