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Thread: Looking for Game Used

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    Looking for Game Used

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking for game used bats and jersey's. Tell me what you have and what you are interested in of mine.


    My High End Cards:

    *1989 Upper Deck #25 Randy Johnson RC. BV: $15.00

    *1994 Flair #255 Mike Mussina. BV: $1.25

    *1996 Sportflix #139 Derek Jeter. BV: $2.00.

    *1997 Circa Fast Track 6 Andy Pettitte. BV: $2.50

    *1997 New Pinnacle Spellbound #MP6 Mike Piazza A. BV:$8.00

    *1997 Topps Awesome Impact #AI15 Edgar Renteria. BV: $3.00.

    *1997 Topps All-Stars #AS17 Andy Pettitte. BV: $1.00

    *1997 Topps Inter-League Finest #ILM13 C.Jones/M.Vaughn. BV: $4.00

    *1997 Topps Inter-League Finest Refractors #ILM10 B.Williams/T.Hundley. BV: $6.00

    *1997 Topps Inter-League Finest #ILM12 C.Ripken/G.Jefferies. BV: $12.00

    *1998 Donruss Rated Rookies #20 Nomar Garciaparra. BV: $10.00.

    *1998 Fleer Tradition #589 Greg Maddux UM. BV: $3.00

    *1998 Score First Pitch #2 Frank Thomas. BV: $2.50

    *1998 Ultra Top 30 #1 Barry Bonds. BV: $2.50

    *1998 Fleer Tradition #594 Alex Rodriguez UM. BV: $4.00

    *1998 Upper Deck Prime Nine #PN31 Cal Ripken#{1989. BV: $4.00

    *1999 Pacific Invincible #136 Alex Rodriguez. BV: $6.00

    *1999 Just #137 Alfonso Soriano. BV: $5.00

    *2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Longball Legacy #LL1 Mike Piazza. BV: $3.00

    *2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX StarView SV3. BV: $2.00

    *2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Stars of the System #SS10 (Dee) Dermal Brown. BV: $1.00

    *2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX Stars of the System #SS6 Matt Riley. BV: $1.00

    *2000 Upper Deck HoloGrFX #23 Mark Grace. BV: $1.00

    *2001 Upper Deck MVP Super Tools #ST16 Jermaine Dye

    *2001 Upper Deck MVP Super Tools #ST13 Barry Bonds. BV: $6.00

    *2001 Donruss Rookie Reprints RR27 Ken Griffey Jr./1989. BV: $12.00

    Lots(if any players are also labled above, they are not included below):

    7 Card Ozzie Smith Lot. BV: $2.60

    9 Card Barry Bonds Lot. BV: $10.35

    11 Card Mark McGwire Lot. BV: $7.95
    *1987 Donruss #138. Nolan Ryan. 9.0 Mint

    *1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond #159 Roger Clemens. 9.0 Mint.

    *1999 Paramount Copper #52. Sammy Sosa. 9.5 Mint+

    *2000 Paramount Update #81-U. Barry Bonds 9.0 Mint.
    I also have a Ricky Williams Just 99 card during his Texas Longhorn days. I do not know the BV though.
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    I have a 2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection Jim Thome Game Used Jersey #d 409/775 BV: $15

    I will sell it for $8 shipped in a bubble mailer.

    LMK if you are interested.

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    Good price but I am not too much a fan of Thome. I will get back to you. Do you have any others?

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    Baseballcardz...Check my gu section on my site...I can sell you some..

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    I also have:

    2003 Donruss Elite "Throwback Threads" Curt Schilling G/U Jersey #d 122/250
    I will sell it for $8.00 shipped

    2001 SP Game Used Bat Andruw Jones BV: $15
    Selling for $8.00 shipped

    LMK if you are interested.

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    I might be intrested in the RJ and/or the Smoltz.


    Does anybody have any ARod, IRod, Schilling, Pedro, Nomar GU'D. << Those arent the only ones I am looking for but those are the ones I like most.

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    I'm only selling my GU....I can sell the Randy For $10 Shipped...


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    DTrain: Are you intrested in a trade? Maybe a card and a little cash? Or just a high-end card?

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    The only way I would trade, would be for a high end card....depending on what it is.

    if you buy both of them, I will cut you a little deal.

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    Are you intrested in any of the cards I listed DTrain?

    I would rather have the Schilling Jersey

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