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Thread: Brett Myers Auto's FT

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    Brett Myers Auto's FT W/scan!

    I have 5 of these for trade, they are 2000 Team Best Auto's.....the BV is 10.00 and I am looking for Autos and RC's in return......scan below!
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    What RC's are you looking for? Also, would you accept cc for one of the Myers? LMK, thanks.

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    Chris - Just Rc's of decent players with the same BV, Not really looking for cc right now.....
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    Hey, would you trade one for this-

    00 Bowman Chrome Brett Myers $10

    Let me know if your interested....Thanks

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    myers i have a 2003 piece of the game brett myers auto/game used lmk if you want it. i want 2003 bowman draft or prospect premieres or jj hardy cards

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    dbacks1 - I already have that card....but thanks for the offer!

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