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Thread: Kevin Hardy Game Used.....

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    Kevin Hardy Game Used.....

    I have a 2000 Topps Kevin Hardy Game Used Probowl jersey BV: $15

    I will sell for 150-200 CC

    Best offer gets it.

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    hey DTrain take it easy man!! by the way, why aren't you posting these in the right forum. you do know that we have had a cardcash buying forum for like 2 months now don't you?

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    Hot sauce.......I didnt mean anything by those posts....i was being sarcastic. I have it posted there already. More people are on this board and that is why I posted it here.

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    Seriously, you must have like an anger problem. You should really calm down.

  9. #9 you get pleasure by coming on a message board and bad talking another member. You must.

    The thing is, I didn't even mean anything by those posts. It was meant to be sarcastic.

    Sheesh, some of you need to grow up.

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