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    VERY nice Edmonds GU Lot (2 Duals and a Patch)

    would like to trade these four as a lot. Looking for nice RCs, especially PSA and BGS graded...

    here are the cards...

    2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars Jim Edmonds GU Jersey/GU Shoe(2 color) #ed/250
    2001 Studio Masterstrokes Jim Edmonds GU Jersey/GU Bat #ed/200
    2002 Playoff POG Jim Edmonds GU Jersey (3 Color, red, blue and white: red and blue are from patch)
    2002 Fleer Platinum Fence Busters Jim Edmonds GU Bat

    lemme know if interested!

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    I'm interested, what bv you putting on the 3 combined?---I'll see if I can come up with an offer. Thanks, "Nail"

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    I am intrested in:

    2001 Studio Masterstrokes Jim Edmonds GU Jersey/GU Bat #ed/200

    How much?

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    Nail...I added one more Edmonds GU to the lot, dont know if you need it or not though...On the original 3, I am asking for $55-$60 BV. I believe BV on the Leaf R and S Dual is $20, the other Dual is $15, and I am asking $20-$25 for the patch...if you are interested in the GU Bat as well, it books at $10...lemme know, my main wants are in my sig!

    baseball...looking to trade as a lot first, if I get no offers, BV on that card is $15 I believe...


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