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Thread: Whats better...

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    Whats better...

    What would you rather want game used or an autograph of your favorite player?

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    I'd rather have an autograph. Game used are getting too over produced and are now losing a lot of their value.

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    AUTOGRAPHED definately. autographed cards give a feeling of personalization that you can't get with a game used card.

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    well since my favorite player is brett favre, and he doesn't sign too many cards, and all of his autos are worth crazy amounts, i'd rather have an auto over a jersey any day...if anyone has a favre auto for trade, lmk i'm interested!!!

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    easily auto cards..that are numbered less than 50......i wnat all my cards i keep to be less than 100

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    yes Autos are way better I rather have sumthing the player signed than wore!!!

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    autos of my pats....they are great cards....
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