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    Im gonna start collecting NHL McFarlane Figures. I will take them sealed or opened. I dont want any with the NHLPA logo. I would like to trade either cards or other McFarlenes for them. I may buy if the price is right. I am also not looking for any rare variants that are worth a ton. (except for Mario Lemieux, I want both kinds of Penguins jerseys and the Canada one) Please post any you have.

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    are you looking for any particular hockey McFarlanes from this year and past 1-2 years?

    I've got a couple lying around here somewhere.

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    My Uncle Is Selling His Curtis Joseph But He Wants Cash Only, If Youre Interested I'll Ask Him The Lowest He Can Take

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    i have
    belfour (dallas),
    lindros (rangers),
    hull(red wings)

    Any others are welcomed, I am especially interested in the Theibuelt and Lemieuxs

    Cujo-Im not looking to buy at the moment

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    Hi Jeff,

    I don't have any Theibuelt and Lemieuxs

    I can't find the couple that I have. I just got them this year at the flea market, but don't know where I put it. I'll let you know when I find it

    Thanks for your patience

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    Did you list the figs you have to show what you need or what you have to trade?

    Interested in your Nabokov if the later is true.

    Have a reg. Thibault and a var. Shanahan in less than mint clamshell.

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    those figures I listed are the ones I have, but I only have the Jagr right now, the others are in the mail from a trade. Is the Thibault reg. in the package or out, because I know all of the figs I am getting are not in packages.

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    I e-mailed you while back when you responded to my thread.
    I have Kolzig, Roenick, T-bo, and Shannahan regs FT or FS.
    Please respond to my e-mail or please e-mail me from here and LMK

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