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    Looking for Brett Myers Rookies

    Just looking for Rc's only.....lmk what you have!

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    I have his 2000 Topps and Topps Traded RC's. PLMK if you need them.


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    I think I have a prospect card of him from like Fleer Tradition or somethin like that. ID have to check. Get back to you lata

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    sportnut - Interested in the Topps Traded.....what are you looking for in return?

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    I have his 00 Topps Chrome RC. I am looking for Chipper Jones or Marcus Giles in return.

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    Yeah I need it....I'll see what I can find in who your collecting and PM you as soon as i do!

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    Dark_angel - Do you have the BV on the card?

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    I would actually perfer to trade the card for another rookie card of the same BV preferibly Bowman Chrome, but if you don't have any then player in my sig are fine.

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