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Thread: Sehorn goes byebye

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    Angry Sehorn goes byebye

    he was one of my favorite giants too!

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    Good, now maybe my Steelers will sign him. He might not be the best cover guy, but I'd rather have him than Chad Scott! Our secondary sucks ™™™!

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    I'd like to have Kordell on the Giants... I hate Kerry Collins with a passion.

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    I was always a Kordell supporter and still continue to say he got a raw deal. And now guess who the Steelers are talking to to replace Kordell? Jeff Blake... do they really think Jeff Blake is better than Kordell? WHAT A JOKE!

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    I only like Kordell cuz he went to my school... plus I thought he was decent.

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    I think that the Bears will sign Kordell. As for Seahorn, I think he was a horrible corner, and deserved to get cut

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