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    Bowman's Best Felix Pie Auto for Trade

    Hi guys,
    I just got a 2003 Bowman's Best Felix Pie RC Auto. It books for $50. I'd be willing to trade it for something from my wantlist. But, it would have to be something nice! LMK.

    I collect Vladimir Guerrero and Marcus Giles. Any Duke players in the NBA (Hill, Battier, Brand, JayWill, etc.) Any Carolina Hurricanes or Carolina Panthers. But most of all Vladimir!

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    man, we need to talk I need that card bad...I have been looking for one like that for a while.

    I have to go through my collection and find all the cards you need, as I know I have them...

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    Just let me know when you find out what you have. I mainly want some good Vlad stuff. There's a few other people with interest, as you'd imagine, so in the immortal words of Jim Rome "you've gotta come strong". Talk to you later. Thanks for the interest.

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