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Thread: Want to buy Pudge

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    Want to buy Pudge

    Let me know what ya got.

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    I've got these 2:
    Ivan Rodriguez
    04 Donruss #268
    04 Donruss CL #390

    LMK if you need them.

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    I do need those 2. How much do you want for them?

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    I just pulled an 04 Ultra as well. Need that?

    If you do, how about 25cc shipped? LMK


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    I need all 3.
    CC is on the way.
    Thanks a lot.
    Do you need my address or do you still have it?

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    Still got it and the cards will go out on Monday! Thanks!

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    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your help.
    Those will be my first '04 cards of Pudge.
    I will leave feedback when I receive them.

    Anyone else have any Pudge to sell?

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