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    For Sale: 1989 UD Box Low #'s + more

    I have one 1989 UD Foil Box Low #'s left

    Also would like to sell:

    1989 UD Hand Collated Complete Sets w/high #'s
    1989 UD Commons
    1989 Fleer Box/Packs

    Lots of 1960's Commons and Stars (Musial, Spahn, Drysdale...)
    1965 Topps Mickey Mantle
    1964 Topps Mickey Mantle

    Lots of Football cards too...Joe Montana RC!

    make offer

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    Whats the condition of the Mantles and what BV are you looking for on them

    Looking for 2009 Score Retro RC's, also Topps & Bowman Chrome Football RC's

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    Thanks for welcoming me to the board...

    The cards are between good and nmt...Haven't done much in the way of collecting in years. I'll get back to you on the $$ or you could make a guesstimated offer. Can I send you some images of them?


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