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Thread: Delmon Young RC for Trade...

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    Delmon Young RC for Trade...

    2003 Donruss The Rookies Demlon Young (55)

    lemme know if interested. Will trade for older RCs (1990 and Earlier), or sell.


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    im interested in the young. lmk how much u would sell for. pm me.

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    I could give you a Sheffield topps rookie for it or a 1990 fleer sosa rookie.

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    JBMan101- I saw you were interested in older rc's. I am not interested in this card but i do have about 20 NM-MT Gary Sheffied Topps RC's BV=$1.50 each and a 1989 UD Randy Johnson RC BV=$15. PLMK if you are interested. Thanks

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    I'm interested. Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK how much you're looking to sell for.


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    Jeremy...only looking to trde right now, would like to use it to get a nice RC

    hehateme...sheff books $1.50, Sosa books $8...gonna try to get a little more than that for this RC...

    Sportnut...didnt really see anythng that i need, and dont wanna sell right now...

    thanks for the replies all!


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