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    Any interest in a Reggie Jackson RC

    It is a 69 Topps. I don't remember the #, but it books for 250. Just curious what I could get for it.
    Also have a Al Kaline 2nd year (55?) Topps. I think it books for 100 or 150. I will have to look at the card to make sure on the year.

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    I like the card, check my site out but i'm sure there is nothing there that you would want for it

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    i'm interested in it depending on card's condition and what you need in return
    look over my site and lmk


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    I have looked at your site a few times to try to make a deal for the Topps basketball that you need...and the Jarvis Hayes Flair Wave of the Future.
    May look to sell if I get a decent cash offer

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    loopdog---I like the magic/bird rc

    little bump to see if anyone else would need this

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    would you be interested in a 1960 carl yastrzemski RC plus something else for the reggie jackson 1969 card?

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