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Thread: WTTF: Andy Sisco Rc's

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    WTTF: Andy Sisco Rc's

    Looking for the best one's out there
    I think his is Bowman chrome xfractor
    let me know what you've got


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    I have a
    03 Bowman
    03 Bowman Chrome

    do you have anyone in my sig

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    i have some smaller pirates rcs:

    ryan doumit bowman rc
    john vanbenschoten bowman rc
    jr house topps traded rc
    tike redman bowman chrome xfractor

    lmk if you would trade any of these for the sisco bowman chrome


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    what year is he Vanbenschoten card and the Redman card

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    I have his 2001 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres RC....if you need it I need Pirates also. (If you have any 2003 Topps Chrome stuff that would be better)


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    already have that one
    thanks for your reply though
    appreciate it


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