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Thread: Need these 2003 RCs

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    Need these 2003 RCs

    I need the following RCs from 2003 Topps Chrome (and their refractors, too)
    Craig Brazell
    Jamie Bubela
    Bryan Bullington
    Bernie Castro
    Daryl Clark (have refractor only)
    Jose Contreras
    Chris Duncan
    Joey Gomes
    Franklin Gutierrez (have base only)
    Brendan Harris
    Il Kim
    Andy Marte
    Derell McCall
    Ramon Nivar-Martinez
    Jason Perry (have base only)
    Manuel Ramirez
    Darrell Rasner (have refractor only)
    Terry Tiffee (have base only)
    Scott Tyler
    Bryan Wright (have base only)

    Plus, I need these Pirates 2003 RCs
    B.J. Barnes
    Bryan Bullington
    Tom Gorzelanny
    Steve Lerud
    Kyle Pearson
    Ray Sadler
    Craig Stansberry
    Cory Stewart

    Check my site for all your needs.


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    People, you've got to be kidding me! No one has at least a Bullington rookie for trade?

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