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Thread: Nomar GU for trade

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    Nomar GU for trade

    Got a 2003 Fleer Double Header Keystone Combinations GU Jersey of Nomar, Durham is the other half of the card but his side is not GU, only Nomar. Bv is $20. Looking for Giants GU/Auto in return. PLMK if interested thanks.

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    very interested...dont have giants autos or game used (dont think i have any autos)....but i do have other autographs..lmk if you are interested

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    Do you have any certified autos or any other gu? Even if they arent Giants lmk thanks.

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    game used:
    so taguchi 2002 leaf certified rc/bat #ed/499
    tony gwynn 2003 (i believe) sweet spot gu pants w/stripe
    nick johnson 2003 donruss classics dress code shirt w/stripe

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    What's the BV on those? LMK thanks.

    If anyone else is interested in the Nomar PLMK.

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    i could do the gwynn+a tripper johnson 2001 sp top prospects autograph (bv $5) for the nomar

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    The Nomar has a crease down the middle, you should be able to notice it on the scan of it on my site. If you can't see it lmk and I will try to get a better pic of it.

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