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Thread: Titans win

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    Titans win

    The Titans just beat the Ravens 20-17, Do you think they go to the AFC championship.

    Only if the play the Chiefs!

  2. Kronozio
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    As you said only if they play the Chiefs but even then it's not for sure. KC is very good at home, suck on the road though. Would be up to the Tennesse defense to stop Priest and co. Nice win for the Titans, not McNair's strongest game but they got by.

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    Great win for the Titans. It was one heck of a game!! And how about Gary Anderson also. He is what, 44 now. He hit the gw 45 yd field goal.
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    I think the titans have a very good chance in KC. George should be able to run very well against them.

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    Do the Titans play KC next?

    If so, they'll win that one.

    KC has no defense.

    you can stop a great offense....just ask the Tampa Bay Bucs, last year's #1 rated defense, which stopped the Raiders, the #1 rated offense in the Super Bowl

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    Titans will play KC if Denver beats Indy. Denver would be the lowest seed thus they would play New England and Tennesse would get KC. If Colts win the Titans would be the low seed because they were a wild card and they would play New England with Indy playing KC.

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    ahhh, gotcha!

    thanks for the explanation....

    been so involved in NCAA bowl games, I totally forgot about the NFL playoff scenario

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    And the Panthers tore the Cowboys apart 29-10. Panthers looked pretty good.

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    Cowboys only averaged 18 points per game this season. Thats horrible, and they had no chance of winning this game. I believe in the 'defense wins championships' motto, but dallas has ZERO offensive power.

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    dont forget the road threw the superbowl goes through foxboro lol dont forget to mention us or you will be jumping on the wagon lol go p-a-t-s..........
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