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Thread: James Mungro Cards

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    James Mungro Cards

    I'm looking for any and all James Mungro cards, willing to trade or buy..

    He went to highschool with me, and we are friends and I would like some of the cards.. if anyone has them for trade or sale, PLEASE let me know

    Thank You.

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    So you live in East Stroudsburg? My neighbor is good friends with him, and IggyWH on here is, too.


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    Yep, I live in the Burg...

    Like, I knew him, and we talked a few times, we weren't close or anything.. Hes a cool guy though when he wants to be. :)

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    ... East Stroudsburg. I live 6 hours from Pburg

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    Oh, okay, lol... when you said Burg I thought you meant Pittsburgh.

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    I have a 02 Leaf R & S James Mungro RC #128. I would be willing to trade for anyone in my signature below. Please LMK if you are.
    Supercollecting: LT, Antonio Gates, Hakeem Olajuwon and Jose Canseco
    Will trade for: Nice Chargers Autos/GU
    Want GU/Autos Chipper Jones
    Also looking for... 2012 Topps Olympic Team cards that I don't have yet
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    Any others? I havent looked thru my 97 donruss set yet, but fro my other ones, i dont have any.. As I said, im not a huge collector of football.

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