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Thread: Good Deal? Your Opinion...

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    Good Deal? Your Opinion...

    Hey, I just bought a factory sealed hobby box of 02 Leaf Rookies & Stars for $27.00 was this an ok price? It looks like there are a lot of nice rookie autos/gus in this brand...

  2. Kronozio
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    Yeah that is the price it is at Dave and Adams and that is the cheapest I see it right now. Good Buy. LMK what you get.

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    Alright good, I'll letcha' know what I get... Hopefully at least 1 or 2 good Peppers!?! Also, Spenguin22, I pm'ed you...

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    LOL, I just ordered one of those last night also for 26.95.... what a coincidence!

    I hope to get a Portis or Lelie RC!!!

    Good luck, I'll let you know what I get...


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    Alright cool, hey PM me if you get any Julius Peppers stuff.... Thanks!

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