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Thread: WTTF Trufant, Andre Johnson

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    WTTF Trufant, Andre Johnson

    I am looking for any autos or low serial numbered gu (under 100) trufant. lmk what you have. always looking for rc autos of shaun alexander and deuce mcallister that i don't already have. thanks.

    Need any RC/Autos of Shaun Alexander, also collecting McAllister, Steeler Autos $25+, Marcus Trufant Autos, GU, low serial #'d Andre Johnson Autos and Gu.

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    03 Topps Pristine RC Auto Bryant Johnson $15
    03 Topps Pristine Rookie Premiere Larry Johnson (2) (Red) $12ea

    check my site n lmk if you see anything

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    portisfan - i would love to do a trade or cash/trade for one of your johnson autos. lmk if you see anything. i have a boss hoggs barry sanders from my pc that i would trade towards the spx.

    steelers - can we do something on your fleer jamal lewis auto?

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    Although the Barry Sanders is a nice card, these Johnson's are coming out of my very personal collection. The only other player in my personal collection is Clinton Portis. The only way I will let any Andre Johnsons go is if it's for some Portis cards I don't have, or a good cash offer.

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    i dont have any portis and i dont know what the johnsons go for. feel free to pm me prices.

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    PM sent, hopefully my guidelines can be of help to you.

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    shockers thats out of my person collection so if you want it youd have to give me a good deal

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