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Thread: Looking for these Blackhawks

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    Looking for these Blackhawks

    Tyler Arnason
    Matt Henderson
    Burke Henry
    Igor Radulov
    Mark Bell
    Kyle Calder
    Micheal Leighton
    Craig Andersson


    Matt Ellison
    Mike Ayers

    Only gu/autos/refractors and cards #erd 250 and under for the players listed below....

    Eric Daze
    Steve sullivan
    Alexei Zhamnov
    Bob Probert
    Jocelyn Thibault
    Ryan Vandanbusche

    Any Multi colored GU, Dual GU, and any gu/auto from retired Hawks

    Have all sports to trade, but not much game used. I've already traded most of it for Hawks GU/autos

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    I have a Stan Mikita INKredible auto, and some older cards of Tony Esposito

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    Am interested in the Makita, What set is it from? and what do you need in trade?

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    Here What i Got in Today
    01/02 Topps Reserve A Zhamnov Red Jersey
    02/03 UD Portraits Hockey Headlines Dual
    Jersey Daze & A Zhhamov
    98/99 BAP Gold Auto Daze
    01/02 Mask Maning the Nets #107 Thibault

    Looking for GU, Au, #, RC Maple Leaf Players in Trade

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    the Mikita is from 99-00 Retro
    I am interested in Pittsburgh Penguins, GU, and autos

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    Ville..... I have several Penguins,

    How about these for the Makita...

    Topps chrome lemieux reprints # 4,6,7 and a Jiri Slegr BAP auto?

    thats about 28$ in bv for the Makita?

    Maple..... I'm sending the Antropov Tuesday, but I dont think I have any other Leafs cards. I'm Interestad in the Daze Gold Auto.

    I have some Older Leafs (1970's/80's If your interested?)

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    sorry it took so long to reply, I had to work
    I have all those Lemieuxs and I am not really interested in the Slegr, do you a auto or GU around the same BV?

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    No not really.

    Here are my gu and autos.

    02/03 UD bright futures Matt Pettinger
    2002 Archives Bobby Smith...............................traded
    2002 Titianium Draft
    Jukka Hentunen (2)
    Patrick Marleau

    01/02 SPX rookie threads
    Dan Snyder
    Tomas Divisek
    Matt Davidson

    TSC young stars Robyn Regehr


    2001 BAP
    jiri Slegr
    shane Willis

    98/99 bap

    Jarome Iginla
    Chris Gratton
    Josef Stumpel
    Boris Mironov
    Jason Weimer
    Andrew Cassels
    Jason Woolley
    Dixon Ward Gold

    97/98 BAP
    Greg DeVries
    Shane Churla

    1995 Classic Draft

    Miroslav d
    Ed Jovanovski

    Thats About all I have left of gu/auto's.

    Most of my stuff has been tyraded for Blackhawks already, and I hav'nt bought any New stuff in several weeks.

    Do you need any of the Lemieux BAP retrospective cards from 00/01? I have R-10 and R20 if interested.

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    I have a steve Sullivan patch from 01-02 Private Stock. PLMK if you interrested. Thanx


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    jeremyg.... Would you have a scan of the Sullivan? Is it #erd?
    Multi color? pls. lmk...Jeff

    As far as what your looking for in your sig, I'd only have some older Kariya cards.

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