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    Its 41-3 in the 3rd Quarter
    Colts Stats
    Manning 22/26 377 YDS 5 TD 0 INT
    E. James 15 67 0 10
    D. Rhodes 3 6 0 4
    P. Manning 1 0 0 0

    B. Stokley 4 144 2 87
    M. Harrison 7 133 2 46
    E. James 5 37 0 13
    R. Wayne 4 27 1 8
    M. Pollard 1 25 0 25
    J. Davenport 1 11 0 11

    Rob Morris picked up a fumble
    a vanderjagt is 2/2 FG 5/5 XPA

    Whats good for the broncos? Knowing they'll be able to do nothing until Training Camp!

    Plummer 1 INT already

    before the game I told some 1 2 things
    1) Colts win in a blowout is this a blowout or what?
    2) Rob Morris Colts MLB gets a TD. He hasn't done that yet but still got the Fumble Recovery

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    ok ok ok dtown lions take it one win thats out baby.....for you know who.........go p-a-t-s
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos

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    Manning definetly turned some major heads but if a 5 defnesve players dont realize a wr is down cant be that tough of a defense. I must say he is really looking good though especially after he hit stokely for that long ball td.. I think if they win this one then manning will get the overall respect he deserves


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    well, Manning finally showed he can win a playoff game

    his performance was absolutely Joe Montana-like.


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    The Colts definitly did a nice job. I think they are serious contenders now. But they wouldnt be able to beat my Rams.

    Lets Go Rams!!!!

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    The Colts did look impressive by beating the team that beat 2 weeks before without Portis. I think they'll beat the Chiefs but can't past the Pats. But lookout, the Colts are dangerous.

    I think Indy can beat every team but New England.

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