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    Sports Illustarted for kid card, what is this card book for????

    I've got one in a top loader, and I've got the magazine uncut so still perfect shape..

    Also got the Melo one uncut.. I saw it going for like 60?

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    HOw can people pay so much for these... i saw like 10 BGS 9.5's going for over 1000 whats the hype on them lol

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    Foreal tight! Yeah they are just cut-out cards, but I got two so I am chill

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    LoL.... SPEAK OF THE DEVIL... I was watching the Home Shopping Network last night, they had a special on called "The Ultimate Sports Collection Show" They had these same cards on there graded going for like 150 to 200.... That's the biggest rip off ever... I mean sure, everyone's wanting James right now, but these cards are literally worthless, when's the last time you've paid 2.50 for a SI for Kids and gotten a couple hundred bucks worth of cards with perforated edges... HAHAHA, gimme a break, little too much hype there...

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    Watch that show every Saturday night! Way over priced, but like to see what they offer...

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