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    Question Dwayne Wade Pristine RC, need help!

    2003/2004 Pristine Dwayne Wade RC #191/499

    The seller listed the wrong card in the title, he listed /999

    But the auction says the card im bidding on is #/499

    Anyways, is this a parallel rc???? ive seen base rcs #/1999????

    Also, does anyone know the appx. BV, or have a guess on it????

    I only paid $2.31 plus $3 shipping, so about $6 dlvd

    I think I did good, but I have no clue as to the BV.

    Please let me know if you can help


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    this si the UNC card.. there are rare #ed 499, unc #ed 999 and common #ed 1999 hope that helps

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    The card in the auction, the actual one im getting is #/499, so its the rare version correct?

    The seller listed the wrong one in the title....


    Also, anybody have ANY idea on appx. BV?????

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    I'm pretty sure that this is the rare uncirculated version, if I'm correct. I think that is what billsfan was trying to say.

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    I need the card, check my site!
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    lol that was pointless. Oh well I don't know its bv but it sounds pretty good for a future talent like Wade.

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