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Thread: Bob Stoops lost his mind?

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    Bob Stoops lost his mind?

    I turned on the last 3 minutes of the Sugar Bowl hoping to see Oklahoma on top. They have a chance to tie it with great field position and Jason White basically can't move or throw worth crap because of his injuries. My initial reaction is this guy sucks then I come to my sense and wonder why is Stoops leaving him in when he is coming no where close to a completion? You have to stick with your guns but when they are in that bad of shape you gotta yank 'em. Secondly when LSU punted with 9 seconds left Stoops puts no one back to catch the punt just letting LSU pooch it and watch the football sit there and let the clock run out. Yeah let's just throw away the National Championship, talk about no effort!!!!

    Lastly, watching the last 2 minutes it seemed as if no one cared and it felt like a preseason game. The crowd was silent the last few minutes and LSU just stood their straight faced like woopie who cares? This game's ending just disgusted me. Ok my rant is over :)

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    You are correct with your initial thought.

    Jason White signifies exactly what Heisman Trophy winners (Gino Torreta, Andre Ware, Eric Crouch, Ron Dayne, etc) are:

    glorified athletes who are over-hyped, play for teams whose offenses gave them loads of chances to perform against inferior competition

    The Heisman Trophy is an absolute joke.

    Jason White did not deserve the Trophy - sure he had great stats (so did Matt Leinart, Mike Williams, Larry Fitzgerald)...

    but, like I have been saying all along (in another thread): White has superior teammates who give him hours of protection....

    thus, when OK plays inferior teams, he puts up spectacular numbers. Then he plays quality teams with great defenses (K-State, and LSU), and he shows exactly why he's COMING BACK to NCAA next year rather than going to the NFL dreft.

    White is NOT mobile
    White is TERRIBLE under presure
    White, once rattled, does not have the ability to lead his team back from behind against a good team.

    As I've said a million times, I cannot believe the morons (aka sports writers, announcers, etc) gave the Heisman Trophy to a player who's coming BACK for a 6th season.


    Andre Ware
    Gino Torreta
    Eric Crouch
    when colleges spend millions to hype their players for the Heisman, you know it's a worthless Trophy.

    Jerry Rice never was in the running for the Heisman, despite a tremendous college career - why? B/c he didn't play for a big-name college.

    The Heisman has got to go to the most outstanding college player AND who can play at the next level, not some idiot QB who gets hours of protection so he can throw 40 TDs.

    Jason White just gave everyone a glimpse of how he will do in the NFL during these last 2 games vs Kansas St and LSU

    and that's why he's coming back....b/c he knows he's not going to be drafted in the 1st or 2nd round.

    NO football player wants to stay in NCAA when he can get PAID to play in NFL. In football, one play and your career can be over.

    So, when a player announces he's staying for his 6th season, you know he's not that good.

    but then again, he's a Heisman winner, much like Ron Dayne, who hasn't done jack and is looking to retire after just a few years in the NFL


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    Bob Stoops is still the best coach in the nation.

    Really? You don't think OU had anything to do with losing with their sloppy play? Not like the lsu offense put on any type of scoring show. Good luck next season since so many of your players are leaving for the NFL

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    why do u say the offense didnt put on a show?
    well we didnt have to depend on our offense.our defense only gave up 150 total yds and we gave yall the 2 tds on turnovers.we did not have all americans every position and the week heisman trophy winner.
    we were a team that wanted it and we showed the nation what type of team we are. i am proud to be a LSU tiger

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    Ok before I start I just want say that I thought the Sugar Bowl was a great game between two outstanding teams. Its just too bad you guys have to split the title with usc.

    As for my first post. From what I hear, you are losing Matt Mauck, Michael Clayton and Marcus Spears to the NFL draft. Of the 7 juniors that started the Sugar Bowl, 3 are leaving. Thats seems like alot to me. Not to mention the 7 seniors on your 1st. team. 10/22 players, almost half. Its not just the number of players leaving but the quality. QB, two WRs, TE, and two linemen. On defense, you lose two defensive linemen , LB, and a safety. One good thing you guys have going is that you have Vincent coming back and he is going to be a stud.

    Now as for your offense. Mauck finished with 153 yards passing, 2 ints, 1 fumble, and no TDs. As I said, not exactly a record night. As the game wore on, your team bogged down, 75 total yards in the second half, 4 first downs in the second half, NONE in the 4th quarter. I won't even get started on the fumble late in the 4th quater, caused by Derrick Strait that was ruled an incomplete pass

    As for you comment about both of our touchdowns coming off of turnovers. This is true, but I guess you forgot, that your first TD was the result of a int, and you last TD was a int return for a touchdown. So as you can see, you also had two touchdowns off of turnovers.

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    spears is not goin pro.just maulk and clayton.yes it was a good game /the defense just shut yall down.i am just trying to say we deserve some props for the way our defense played in that game.

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    WOW! It took you two days to come up with that reply? Geez, I never said that OUs offense did anything great. All I said was that lsu wore down. Thanks to your stats we are able to see that.
    You guys really shut down a quaterback that was later determined to have played the game with a broken bone in his foot and another one in his hand.

    By the way, if your such a big lsu fan, learn how to spell your quaterbacks name. Its MAUCK, not maulk as your post stated.

    For the NCAA football guru who said that Jason White wasn't any good because he is coming back for a 6th season. Do you even research before you spout off? OK lets go over this together.

    2000-played in 2 games
    2001-played in 7 games, started 2. Tore his ACL. Medical redshirt.
    2002-played in 2 games, started 2. Tore his ACL. Medical redshirt.
    2003-played in 14 games, started all 14.

    So, in 5 seasons he has started a total of 18 games. Do you think that maybe, just maybe he wants to come back and gain more experience?

    GOT 7? WE DO!

    1950 1955 1956 1974 1975 1985 2000.

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