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    I have this to trade, will consider any offers made : 2000 SPx Kurt Warner ' Auto Winning Materials ' # AWM-KW Ser.# 075/225 (white jsy/ ball /auto) BV $100

    Looking mostly for Dallas Cowboys GU/Autos , Portis , multi color swatches and autos

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    i like it check my site n lmk by the way the february football becket has it $80 and going down

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    Steelers, I like your Emmitt jersey and Jamal Lewis Autographics, I don't have the Feb book, but that is bv$80 for $80 so PLMK, thanks, Dan

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    hehateme71- I am interested in your emmitt 3 color, what brand and yr is it? how much did you wanna trade it for?

    ICED- yeah, I think so, it was a SCF trade for sure

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    2003 fleer platinum patch of honor #D186/220 I need tiomlinson or favre GU or auto for it

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    I dont have current Beckett but in Dec. it bv $40 going up , LMK if you have new bv or what you wanna try to work out, card is in great cond in screw down

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