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Thread: question about topps pristine

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    question about topps pristine

    i bought a box of topps pristine basketball, pulled some nice stuff anyone got any ideas on the pricing of this stuff for ex what i got was

    travis outlaw uncirculated auto 21/25
    carmelo anthony refractor uncirculated 76/499
    lebron and carmelo #999

    also a bunch of jersey cards and 2 other uncirculated rookie autos and uncirculated rookies. any idea what these are going to book for

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    id say you got a pretty nice idea what theyre going for. Id say check eBay

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    you pulled some very nice cards. wouldnt be suprised if i saw those lebrons and melos all go for over $100 each. excellent box. also i have some interested in melo so let me know some stuff your interested in if you want to trade them.

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    Nice pulls. I busted a couple of these boxes and got nothing close to you. Topps pristine is listed in the new NBA beckett with J-Kidd on the cover.
    Peace and Regads

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    Correction. Prices are not listed in the new beckett but rather in the new tuff stuff with the running back in red on the cover.
    Peace and Regards

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    hey i can use the outlaw lmk what you would want in cash ro whatever

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