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Thread: Redemption help

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    Redemption help

    I got a box of 2002 SP Authentic when they were released and got a Kelly Campbell redemption for an autograph card. I redeemed it online, but I forgot to put my address in my profile so now under status it says invalid shipping address. I e-mailed customer service a month ago but havent gotten a reply. What should I do? Will I not be able to get my card? Should I keep e-mailing them, or should I do something completely different. Thanks..

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    hmm I would keep emailing them for a nother week or two and see what happens. You are sure there is no way to edit your profile on this and see if you can chage ur addy


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    I filled in my address a month or two ago and e-mailed them awhile ago but it still says invalid shipping address. Is there a number for customer service I could call that would help more than an e-mail would?

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    Check Upper Deck's website. I'm sure they have a customer service number there.

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