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Thread: well i opened a box from kmart

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    well i opened a box from kmart

    it was one of those ten dollar get twelve packs of i decided to buy it...this is what i got....
    besides a lot of base cards..more than imaginable...

    03 04 jarvis hayes rookie
    00 01 fleer ultra michael redd rookie
    00-01 upeer deck i luv la insert shaq
    00 01 fleer tradition rookie quentin richardson
    97 98 upper deck tim duncan insert serech for stars
    03 04 upper deck amare stoudamire highlight reel makers
    03 04 upper deck victory lebron james rookie
    and a second series amare rookie.....

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    ive open 80 packs of victory and didnt get the james RC, very lucky!

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    i know..thats my im so happy....not bad for 10 dollar id advise people to pick it up

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    I haven't seen these in quite some time at KMart (not that I go there much though). Nice return for $10.

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    im so tempted to go back. But i have a feeling i will get no such luck

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    If you do go back and try it let me know how it turns out, congrats on the first box
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