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Thread: 2001 Donruss Class 2001 boxes

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    2001 Donruss Class 2001 boxes

    I have recently purchased a case of 2001 Class of 2001 and would like to sell these if anyone is interested. These boxes could include Pujols, Ichiro, Texiera and Prior rookies limited to 50. These also have a limited bobblehead inside. I would like to get $43. per box plus s/h. Thanks Mark

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    I might be interested, but not sure yet, could you tell me how mch S&H would be and also how many packs per box and how many cards per pack, PLMK

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    The S/h would be $7.00 and there are 24 packs and 3 cards per. As to trades not at the moment but possibly soon. Thanks for the looks, Mark

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    If anyone wants to split a box with me, I'd be willing to take the packs and they can have the bobblehead.

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    Hey, if you ever do feel like trading them, LMK. I'd be interested in trading for one.

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