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    WTT '02 UD Diamond Connection Teixeira 669/1500

    I'm looking for soemthing of equal value ($8.00) from my sig for this Matk Teixeira.


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    Check my site and see if you like something.
    I like the Teixeira!



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    The Teixeira is $8, how about these 2 ?

    2003 Donruss Studio Enshrinement
    #E25 Billy Williams #229/750 $5

    2003 Studio Stars
    #ss15 Barry Zito $3

    lmk what you think.


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    Teixeira trade

    Sounds great to me!

    I'll PM you my address.

    Please confirm trade with sending address then I'll send the cards tomorrow in bubble mailer! Can you please do the same?
    Thanks a million!

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    Sounds good to me. I sent you an email because your pm box is full. I will post this trade also.


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