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Thread: I need your bucks cards!

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    current and in bucs uni? ive got a couple smith jerseys but hes on minnesota...and i still have the two thomas #eds

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    Smith, Joe/Baxter, Lonnie 02-03 Inspirations Dual Jersey /1500 -$12
    Smith, Joe 02-03 UD Authentics Uniform Greatness -$12
    heres the two...

    and i can use
    Shea Hillinbrand 1999 UD MVP Prosign
    Manny Ramirez 2002 Fleer Triple Crown "rbi kings" Game Bat
    Emmitt Smith 2003 Fleer Platinum "Patch of Honor" #D186/220
    Tracy McGrady 2003 Bowman Rookies and Stars "Rookie Recall" Jersey
    Tim Duncan 2002 Topps "Slam Duncan" jersey

    let me know if a deal can be reached

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    I could give you the manny for the smith/baxter dual jersey, but you will have to add a $3 card because the bat is worth $15

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    i dont have any bucs really, they all jumped ship in the off season lol...anybody else ya want?

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    Are you looking for currnet Bucks, or any bucks from the past. I can get a few hundred if you want them

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