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Thread: team lot for cc

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    team lot for cc

    lmk what team and what players and tell me how many cards u want i dont know if i can make the lot more then 50 cards

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    no not curent ones i have a 2001 playoff honors jersey barlow the other cards i have iam not sure i have a few steve young though

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    the colts i have that are gu is my collection i dont have priest holmes gu

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    hmm a cheap packer lot be nice.. currently alls i got is the 100 cc but lmk what you got and we go from there((ill pass on the favre insert bv 30 because that would remove a lot of the base i can get to throw with my other packers))


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    ok not a problem. I am almost positive that card is on your hands.. I just want to apolgize though if that came off a bit snobby.. After i reread it i could see how it goes


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