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Thread: 2003 Playoff Honors

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    2003 Playoff Honors

    ok i'm 0/1 on these posts lookin for 1 card so far so here it goes I need #171 Spencer Nead RC from this set! He is currently on the Rams Practice Squad but was drafted by the Pats! out of BYU he is a TE but now is used as a blocker in KO returns

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    bummer, i bought a pack and got #176, its Jimmy Kennedy RC /200.. he plays for the rams

    wish i could help ya

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    does any1 have this rookie card of former New England Patriots draft pick now current St. Louis Rams TE Spencer Nead?

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    if i had it you know i wouldnt give it to you.....playmaker,,lol go p-a-t-s...
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