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Thread: Team Lots for $3 dlvd.....

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    Team Lots for 2003 RCs.....

    I will give you at least 30 cards of your favorite teams in trade for any 2003 RC, doesn't matter who, just as long as it is not Press Pass or SAGE.

    The total value of the 2003 RC or RCs should not be more than $3 if it is I'll add extra cards.

    LMK, if you're interested, thanks.

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    hey i got loads of 03 rookies not from presspass/sage i can trade. i need any ravens. lmk rookies include larry johnson,musa smith, tyrone calico, chris brown, teyo johnson, justin fargas, and many, many, more! lmk

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    I've got some $3 2003 rookies, I collect bucs and keyshawn johnson.
    Here are a few...
    03 bowman chrome bradie james
    03 finest dewayne robertson
    03 finest andre woolfolk
    03 finest michael haynes
    03 finest arnaz battles
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    I collect Penn state players (college uniform only). May consider Tampa Bay Bucs,certain Hall of Famers and vintage.

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    I have about 60 bucs cards, PM me if you'd like them, it'd be $6-7 worth of cards including shipping.

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