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Thread: Inserts for Sell/ Trade

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    Inserts for Sell/ Trade

    Here is a list of Inserts I will either sell or trade. If you are interested please tell me what cards you want, and what you will give me for them.

    2003 Upper Deck MVP:
    Silver: #60 Omar Vizquel, #141 Hideki Matsui
    Express Delivery: #ED6 A.J. Burnett
    Celebration: #84 Ichrio Suzuki /2001
    Sportsnut: #SN7 Jay Gibbons, #SN77 Eric Milton

    2001 Royal Rookies:
    Boys of Summer: #2 Tim Drew

    2003 Topps:
    Own The Game: #OG6 Lance Berkman, #OG7 Alex Rodriguez
    Record Breakers: #RB-TG Troy Glaus
    Hit Parade: #HP26 Fred McGriff

    2002 Stadium Club
    Reel Time: #RT16 Roberto Alomar

    2003 Fleer Focus JE:
    Franchise Focus: #12 Mike Piazza

    I have more but Im too lazy to list them. Please reply if interested.

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    i'm looking for these:
    jeter/pujols/prior numbered inserts (any).
    also do you have any numbered inserts that are #1/xxx, jersey number, or last /xxx (any player)


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    First of all, my Priors aren't for sale cause I'm a cubs fan.
    I have none of those #d cards you wanted.
    I couldnt find much, but I found some:

    2003 Upper Deck Victory:
    #101 Albert Pujols Solid Hits
    #109 Derek Jeter Solid Hits

    2003 Upper Deck Victory Tier 2 Orange:
    #87 Albert Pujols

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    do you have any 02 topps inserts??? i would trade or buy them

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    I dont have many cards from 2002 Topps, but I found a couple inserts.

    Topps East Meets West #EW-HI Hideki Irabu/ Masanori Murakami
    1952 World Series HIghlights #52WS-5 "Carl Erskine Wins Game 5"

    If you want to buy, Ill give them to you for a dollar each plus shipping (SASE or $1 for bubble mailer)

    If you want to trade, I collect all Sammy Sosa cards or Cubs cards from 2000-Present.

    LMK what you want to do.

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