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    i am extremely interested in all of much r u looking for in trade for the manning auto,lewis spx auto, greise /35, the culpepper auto, and the manning brilliants /18, and the manning patch /21.....i dont play around...i just wanna hear some numbers before i make an offer.

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    I don't play all around either these are some serious cards and need SERIOUS OFFERS

    Except the griese/lewis have offers over 200
    (you can email/pm $$ amount you wish to offer)

    also need a list of cards that have bv of $100 of more

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    hello is anyone out there?????
    when you say u are interested in cards a reply would be nice

    anyone else intetrested in these???

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    sorry...i sorta forgot about the post.... well see if u like ne thing from my site.....heres the link of my cant get the likn to post right now so u can just click it urself....sorry about the inconveinece..-Ben

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