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Thread: New SP Authentic opinions?

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    New SP Authentic opinions?

    Is it worth picking up a box of 03 SP Authentic for $105? Im not too sure how good this draft class is, most of the top picks were either injured or were on the bench it seemed like.

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    I think that I'd wait until the 04 stuff starts coming out. None of the rookies in this year's crop will do anything impressive between now and then, so it's bound to go down some by the start of next season.

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    bump it up 50-75 bucks and buy a 2001 sp authentic box off ebay


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    I busted a case and like it myself. You can almost always get rookies cheaper if you wait until the season is over.

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    Did you pull any Dominick Davis or Andre Johnson rookies?

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    I just bought at box at $115.00...not horrible...the RC's weren't great but uppled a Travis Henry GU #'d to 25 and a Fargas Autographed Patch Jersey RC

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