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Thread: Boldin Jsy

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    Boldin Jsy

    Hey, i jsut got anotuher NPN and tis a 2003 Bowman Best Anquan Boldin Jersey bv 12 lmk

    im looking for things on my site


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    i noticed you like travis henry. would you trade it for a henry jersey card?

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    i have these
    Travis Henry 2002 Upper Deck Uniforms
    Travis Henry 2003 Ultra Award Winners

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    that is correct. both of them are jerseys and they each book 12.00

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    can u show pic.. i would rather have more as A) boldin is a rc and B) he was rookie of year (i think) like another 3 dollars in cards .. .lmk

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    i don't have any 15 dollar henry cards but i can give you one of the jersey cards and another card or something. i have a 1999 prestige torry holt rc i think books 4.00 or you can tell me another player and i can try to find something. i will get a scan of them in a sec

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    here's the scan. i will get back about the rc's in a few. i have to run to the post office

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