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Thread: Need to downsize collection.

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    Need to downsize collection.

    I have a few more cards than I want to have at this time, so I am trading everything on my tradelist for a smaller quantity of cards. Let me know what you are interested in.

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    2001 Topps:
    366 Hee Seop Choi
    728 Jake Peavy
    746 Edwin Encarnacion

    Please check out my site and see if anything interests you. PLMK what you're looking for in return.


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    Do you have any Cubs cards? Ill buy commons from year 2000+.

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    sportsnut08 - I'm still interested in your 2002 Topps Rich Harden.

    sammyisking - I do have common Cubs cards (mostly 89 DOnruss, 01 and 04 Topps, but probably not enough to make selling them really worth my time.

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    i like these

    2000 Royal Rookies 11 Nick Theodorou #/4950 NM-MT Own 1 N/A
    2000 Royal Rookies Autographs 32 Jon Tucker NM-MT Own 1 $2.00

    60 CC for them?

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    tutall - I'm not interested in CC right now. Thanks.

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    who do you collect>????? lmk and i will see what i can find

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    Can use:
    2002 Fleer Fall Classics Dave Parker #78A
    2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres Heroes of Baseball Willie Stargell
    2003 Topps Chrome Refractors Odalis Perez, Brad WIlkerson

    I can trade you:
    2000 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory Ben Sheets RC


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    tutall - Right now I'm only collecting true RCs. Shall I look at your site?

    moose2438 - I'm up to my eyeballs in Sheets cards now. I can take a look at your site later.

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    i dont have my rookies on my site... i have a ton of 2002 rookies and can look through what i have if you want me too... you can look at my site as i might have some of interest on it

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