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Thread: Talk about great box breaks!

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    Talking Talk about great box breaks!

    Thought I try my luck on 2 older high end UD basketball boxes since everyone's focusing on the newer stuff. Both from 2001-2002, one of the poorer rookie classes in my opinion. But both had 18 packs/box, and both had jersey/auto insertion rates of I WAS going to get something at least.

    2001 -02 SPX BASKETBALL UPPER DECK HOBBY BOX $51.00 (a STEAL if you see what I got):

    -2 MJ's Back bonus packs
    -Andrei Kirilenko RC seq. #ed 0951/1999 BV $20.00 (up-and-coming star)
    -Kevin Garnett Winning Materials dual jersey/warm-up BV $25.00
    -Tony Parker RC Auto/Jersey seq. #ed 182/800 BV $80.00!!! (and I thought this was the best card I was going to get lol)
    -Dirk Nowitzki Spectrum seq. #ed 21/25 BV $100!!! (damn, I didn't know non-RC year Spectrum's were worth that much!)


    -1 MJ's Back bonus pack
    -Zach Randolph RC seq. #ed 0162/1200 BV $8.00 (up-and-coming star also)
    -Baron Davis Sweet Shot Jersey 2-color BV $15.00
    -Kevin Garnett Hot Spot Floor BV $20.00 (huge piece of scratched flooring)
    -Pau Gasol Rookie Jersey BV $60.00
    -Paul Pierce Signature Shots Auto BV $60.00

    One of my best box pulls in basketball, very happy w/ the rookies since that year again was pretty thin (*cough* Kwame *bust* Brown). It was worth paying good prices for boxes that were guaranteed to have auto/GU cards.

    Will entertain offers,

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    Obviously I want the dirk......but im not interested in giving up $100 worth of g/u and autos for it.......its way overpriced.........check my site anyways though and lmk via pm.


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    -Kevin Garnett Hot Spot Floor BV $20.00 (huge piece of scratched flooring)

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    Hey man...I'd like to pick up that Kirilenko if it is for trade...hit me with a PM.

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    Paul, I'll pass.

    Bulls, I have from that set: MJs 6, 63, 87, 41, 80, 61, 50, 26, 84

    Wolf, I'll hold onto it.



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    Is the Parker rookie available for trade?

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