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Thread: jazz's hopes

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    jazz's hopes

    Who will be the biggest threat to the Jazz' playoff hopes?

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    I know this isn't what you asked, but remember those great finals between the jazz and bulls. That would be cool if they could make it back to the finals one more time and win before stockton and malone retire. It would be the picture perfect finish. (probally unlikey)

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    I like Stockton and Malone, but anybody in the West playoffs could beat them.

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    anyone collect either of these players....if so i have a lot of both

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    they need to win and start looking for another scorer via the draft or free agency, The mailman and stock cant play 4ever

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    i dont know.......i think karl could play forever..he gets better every year

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    who cares about the jazz

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    the jazz are the most boringest team to watch in the NBA

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