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Thread: Team Lots for Card Cash !!

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    Talking Team Lots for Card Cash !!

    I have alot of common cards i would love to get rid of for CC.
    I'm getting rid of them in team lots, most of these cards are commons but some of the teams has some stars and semi stars in them.
    Each lot is 75cc. Shipping is free... Just let me know what team your looking for and i'll tell you how many cards i have of them..


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    llcooljoe- yea i got the cowboys , 22 cards from 91 to 03 including some stars..

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    Gardner87- I have 22 redskins 00-03 , thats including 2 cards of Rod Gardner..

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    packer cards and if you got some time i would go for chris chambers or michael bennett only if not o well


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    pr0phet- I have 23 cards of the Packers including Favre and Green, and i do have 2 Bennetts and 3 Chambers.


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    I am interested in Redskin cards too.
    As a matter of fact could you list all the Redskin cards you have.

    I believe Gardner87 asked first about the Gardner cards

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