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    upperdeck comes through w/ redemption replacement

    i have been waiting over a yera for my 02 spx shoxkey rc auto...i called and complained many times....and today i got a 2001 upperdeck evolve e card prize mike vick rc auto /100 bv $225....i am very satisfied with this replacement considering the shockey booked $175 and only sells for around $50ish.....this vick goes well with my spx and contenders auto rcs...thought id share this just incase any 1 else was waiting for this card

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    wow dude, i think thats one of the better replacements i have seen in a long time. I know ive only ran into that situation once... It was with a LaMont Jordan autoed card. They sent me a Marshell Faulk pants card that only booked liek 5 bucks more. Nice that it was a better player but not as nice as that kinda switch

    Congrats on the return, glad to see things came through for you


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    Thats a great replacement id take that any day of the week! By any chance do you have a scan of the vick? Ive never seen 2001's evolve cards.

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